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Based in Tokyo, we provide digital solutions to clients all over the country.

Our members, who are well-versed in the industry and have a proven track record, unite to help attract customers.

Recently, with the improvement of digital technology, keywords such as "5G", "AI", and "IOT" have come to be heard on a daily basis.

The penetration rate of mobile devices such as smartphones is 94.8% *, and Google search is said to be used 2 trillion times * a year.

We will adapt to the changes of the times as quickly as possible to realize your business awareness, customer communication, and increase sales and profits.

* From Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, official Google website

WEB total solution

"I want to focus on attracting customers and increase sales, but I don't know what to do."

Please be assured.

We will discover the issues in promoting your products and services and attract customers, and we will devise strategies that match the situation, such as conducting wire design, and provide effective tactics.

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SNS marketing

We will carefully support you from creating an account suitable for achieving the purpose, to determining the material, posting high quality, measuring effect, and improving under the story design by a professional operator.


Advertising operation

By utilizing various analysis tools such as listings, SNS, and affiliates on a daily basis and turning the PDCA at high speed, the maximum effect according to your budget will be realized.


JEO / recruitment support

We will solve various hiring concerns such as Google work search settings, proposals for utilizing foreign human resources immediately, finding personnel issues, and reducing difficulty of hiring.


Photo / video shooting / editing

By shooting with a professional photographer, we accurately capture the content we want to appeal to the person who sees the photos and videos, and using the latest editing technology, we make a work that can be used in the medium and long term.

MEO(Local SEO)

MEO (Local SEO)

We provide detailed support such as Google My Business registration, setting basic information and tags, issuing campaign coupons that utilize the posting function, responding to word-of-mouth, and analyzing inflows.


UGC (review strategy)

We will strive to expand sales by implementing sales promotion measures that referrals introduce, such as negative review measures, user questionnaire surveys, acquisition and enhancement of reviews.


WEB production / design

Through website, logo, and leaflet production, we thoroughly analyze the strengths of services and products, keep in mind the designs that are simply transmitted to customers, and create trust and security.


Search engine (SEO)

While focusing on the search engine update, we aim to display higher ranks in effective keyword selection and content creation that helps the user's perspective.

WEB total solution

customer's voice

[Examples of supported industries]
・ Store service: (restaurant, beauty salon, beauty salon, pharmacy, supermarket, etc.)
・ Accommodation: (Leisure hotel, private lodging, business hotel, inn, guest house)
・ Sports Gym: (Dance Studio, Fitness Gym, Yoga Class)
・ Medical institutions: (Internal medicine, surgery, otolaryngology, psychosomatic medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology)
・ Professional business: (Administrative scrivener, judicial scrivener, company employee, tax accountant, lawyer, certified public accountant)
・ Construction: (Civil engineering work, construction work, painting work, electrical work, remodeling, etc.)
・ Educational institution: (study school, piano classroom, vocational school, English conversation school, etc.)
・ Real estate: (transaction business, rental / management business, rental conference room, etc.)

I used about 100,000 yen monthly for a major food and beverage portal site, but by carefully considering MEO, I was able to reduce costs and use it as employee travel expenses!

I used about 100,000 yen monthly for a major food and beverage portal site, but by carefully considering MEO, I was able to reduce costs and use it as employee travel expenses!

Toshima-ku, Tokyo, restaurant owner

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